Firmwares: MD EDITION. (7862 platform only)

This firmware is in BETA development.

The firmware will include the FYT Management Center application with more advanced features.


You MUST uninstall (if previously installed) Fyt Management Center User App (No MD-EDITION) prior to install the Firmware MD-EDITION

Kernel level:

SPRD force use of GPU for rendering (fast rendering)

SPRD performances increased for units with 4GB RAM or more

Force kernel to allow more ram limit usage before try to kill idle activities/services

GPS (AGPS) now using network for fast location acquisition instead of chinese servers

Removed Google Digital Wellbeing application

App level:

Enable or disable ROOT privileges

Create FYTBACKUPS (OEM applications backup)

Make /data/data folder backups

Manage apps which sould be started with system

Install / Backup / Export / Share / Remove FYT OEM launchers on-the-fly

Backup / Export / Replace FYT OEM Apps on-the-fly

Change system font size

Auto whitelisting apps that need to run at system's boot (previously blocked by pwctl_config.file)

Lock / Unlock your Headunit

Now PIP works if firmware is running in Russian language (avoiding some chinese tricks in launchers / apps

Enable / Disable System UI night mode

You can download it *** HERE ***.


Download and uncompress in a FAT32 formatted USB pendrive

Insert pendrive in your unit

Update should start automatically

No loose of your installed apks and data

And, for sure, more to come, is always a pleasure to develop features for our beloved FYT users community.

This app will be available in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

If you want to share implementation ideas, please share it with me, will be a pleasure to implement.

Best regards !